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Business Transformation Corporate Finance and Strategy Digital, Technology, & Data Technology Implementation People and Change

Business Transformation

Always-on business transformation is essential for surviving disruption. To stay ahead, companies must transform even when they’re already dominating their markets. But 75% of business transformation programs fail, largely because most companies lack a disciplined approach. We help clients beat these odds.

Corporate Finance & Strategy

Uncertainty is accelerating while the half-life of leadership positions and business models is shortening. Winning in this environment takes two things: strategic insights into how the world is likely to change—and the ability to create value from those insights before the game changes again.In short, we help you be both a great company, driving growth and attracting talent, and a great stock, attracting investors and delivering value for stakeholders.

Digital, Technology, & Data

Data analytics helps businesses convert their raw business data into actionable insights. NT&MC has been helping companies make quick and data-driven decisions in the ever-changing environment by rendering a full set of data analytics services.

Technology Implementation

IT support comprises procedures intended to maintain failsafe IT workflows and reduce IT costs. NT&MC’s IT support services are backed with 14 years of experience in help desk and application support and include IT help desk, Network Operations Center (NOC) and software support to guarantee superior user experience and on-the-go improvement of your IT processes.

People and Change

People are a company’s greatest asset. They are also an investment that requires mobilizing the right resources and expertise for the future. To drive successful HR transformation, businesses must integrate three key success factors: take advantage of the new opportunities provided by digital to accelerate transformations; run accurate HR impact assessments and understand how to exploit them; consider change management, supported by leadership, a priority. So that managers and teams effectively own transformation. Targeted or periphery, human resources action is vital to achieving success, calling for an agile approach to service. Every step of the way.